Monday, September 15, 2014

Miracles never stop!!

My dearest family and friends!!

Sister Davis & Sister Fausett
President & Sister Porter, Sister Davis & Sister Wight
What a week this has been. We have seen so many fantastic things!! So i am going to start off with the biggest miracle of all. There was this less active family that we were working with when i got here back in January. They have a grandson that is not baptized and he is nine years old. They have custody of him and his little brother cause their parents were in jail. well when i first got here we were teaching him in hopes that he would be able to be baptized but we quickly found out that his dad did not want him to be baptized until he was out of jail. We were a little disappointed at that time but we kept that family in our prayers and had faith that Heavenly Father would help make it possible for the little grandson to be baptized. Well we have kept visiting them and helping them get back to church and the family has become active again and last monday we got a call from the grandma saying her son was getting out of jail and would be home that evening. He is on probation but this means that we get to start teaching her grandson again and prepare him for baptism. The dad wants to learn more about the church as well because he didnt grow up with it always in his life. So we went over there last night and got the little grandson on date and he is preparing to be baptized and is so excited. Holy cow i know our Heavenly Father has timing for everything and he totally makes everything work out. We dont need to worry about a thing... i know i know that is so much easier said than done.

?, Sister Herndon, Sister Davis & ?
We also had another miracle. We have this excommunicated lady that we absolutely love and adore as well. We have been working with her ever since we got here as well. But the last two weeks she has come back to church and met with the bishop. Awe man i am  so excited for her. She is so strong and i love her so much. She says it feels good to be back and her countanance has totally changed. It is amazing to have the opportunity as a missionary to see peoples lives change. '

Sister Davis and Sister Wight at the Cincinnati Reds game :)
Okay funny story for the week. So sister Wight and I wanted  the little boy that i was telling you all about in the first paragraph of my letter and his little brother to come and sit with us at church yesterday. Well let me just say we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. So the little boys (9 and 5) were sitting by each other in between sister Wight and I. It wasnt bad for the first little bit of sacrament. But then they started to get ansy and didnt want to hold still. Well the 5 year old start to get really squirmy and started to head butt his brother and me so sister Wight got up and sat in between the two boys and we got some paper out to keep the 5 year old busy. Well that didnt last very long either. We were not sure what to do then i remembered i had some sweet mints in my bag and told him if he could sit still he could have one. Well that didnt last long either considering the fact that as soon as he stuck it in his mouth he bit it... So i told him to wait 5 minutes and he could have another one. Then when i gave him another one i told him that he had to make it last 5 minutes and i  would give him another one. This went on every 5 minutes for the last 20 minutes of church... but it kept him quiet. He was focused more on that clock then what was being said at church but he is five... what do we expect. Haha we had some good laughs about it after though.

Now lastly for the sad news. I am leaving the wonderful little town of Bright. I am not for sure where i am going but i will let you all know next week when i email again. I am so sad but i know that Heavenly Father is going to take care of me. He always has and this is a good time for me to learn to trust in him even more. I am so grateful for the opportunity i have had to serve in this wonderful area. And the friends and memories i have made here will be in my heart forever. Thank you for all your love and prayers. I sure miss you guys. But i know i am where i am supposed to be and having family and friends back home being so supportive makes it a ton easier. I love you all and pray for you constantly!!!

Love your sister Davis :)

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