Friday, January 17, 2014

Doubled In

Kirsten didn't email home this week, maybe next week we will get an explanation, but I did received a letter in the mail on Friday, January 17, 2014 and the following is some bits and pieces of that letter:

So my first area is in Indiana.  It is kinda like Plain City but kinda different.  It definitely is a different feeling here.

Sister Herdon and I got "doubled in" which means we are starting a new area, which means we have to find an apartment, which means there is no food left over from other missionaries.  As of right now we are sleeping on cots and an air mattress with the other sisters in our area.

It was so cool, I went to get a blessing from the Branch President he texted me the next day and he said his whole family feels like they know me from somewhere.  He said he is excited to have us here and he knows we are meant to be here.

We have no investigators yet but we are working hard.

I pray everyday that I will love my mission.

Love Your Sister Davis

Read Doctrine & Covenants
39:1, 39:13, 38:32, 39:6
(read in that order)

The following statement is from Sister Herdon's Blog:

I am also training!  My companion is Sister Davis from Plain City Utah. She is Cole’s age, she just turned 19 before she came out and graduated high school just recently. She is the most angelic person I have ever met. I love her.

These are pictures of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Zone Conference that I took off of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission Facebook page.


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