Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last Email from the MTC!!

Hey everyone!!!

Today is my last day in the MTC! It is defiantly bitter sweet. I am so excited to get out to Ohio, but adapting to another change is not something i am looking forward to. But hey it is such a great growing and learning experience. I have learned so much here at the MTC. Man if i could just transfer my knowledge of how much i know the Savior loves all of us into each one of your heads i would do it in a heart beat. But that is the glory of our agency. We each get to find that for ourselves and it means something different for each of us. But i hope each of you know that the Savior does love you. He knows you and He walks with you through everything.

We got to go to the temple today as a zone. My last temple trip for 18 months.... so sad. I cried a lot.... i have decided i was blessed with my mothers tear ducts. I absolutely love the feeling of the temple. It was so neat to see all these missionaries in there with me.

I cant really think of any funny stories to share with you this week because a lot of them are "kinda had to be there moments..." and you all might just think i am a dork.... but then again some of you might already think that.

We got to teach an investigator this week and the questions she asked and experiences she has had just showed how much God has prepared her to receive the Gospel. We asked if she would be baptized. Her reply was "Thats the next step huh?" and we were like yeah and she told us that if everything keeps fitting together the way it has and she keeps feeling the same way after she got done reading the Book of Mormon she would be baptized. Such a bummer that i am leaving so i wont get to see her be baptized but luckily i got her email to keep in touch. It makes me so excited to share this Gospel to others that the Lord has prepared. My goodness what a wonderful work i have ahead of me. :) I love each of you and thank you fro the encouragement and emails. Keep being strong and moving forward. Love you :)

Love your Sister Davis :)
Mom's Note: Kirst can feel our family's prayers and is thankful for them, please don't stop praying.  I added this comment she put in my letter, this is something I wanted her to learn on her mission.  "One thing i have noticed is i have to make a lot of decisions on my own... well with the Lords help... but i usually would just call or text you and ask you. So that has been really hard to figure out trusting myself with the Lord. I love talking to you mom. You have brought me such comfort over the years."

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