Thursday, January 23, 2014

The mission life :)

Hey everyone!!

Oh man the mission field is absolutely amazing. It is super hard work and so worth every minute of it. The emotions here are extreme. The feelings of joy are sooooo Joyful and the feeling of someone not wanting to accept the gospel are soooo disappointing. But hey Heavenly Father knows what He is doing and each feeling of joy i receive overpowers the feeling of disappointment I receive. I know He leads and guides me.

The area i live is isnt big enough to be a ward it is just a branch. We have church in this cute little building. And when i say little it is tiny. There is not even a gym to play anything in.

The other night when we went to knock on this persons door they had two dogs outside. Well my companion is a little scared of dogs so i was trying to encourage her and tell her that it was okay and they wouldn't hurt us. So with the dogs barking at us we finally made it to the door. And at this point i was honestly a little scared too because the dogs didn't seem all that nice. Well no one answered the door so we had to turn around and make it back through the dogs again and as i turning around the dog nipped at me and tore the bottom of my skirt. it startled me so we hustled out of there and as soon as we got out we just burst out laughing cause that was probably not the smartest thing we could have done. But something good came out of it. The next time we went back someone was home and we have an appointment scheduled to teach them.

For all you people still going to school. In Indiana if it snows two to three inches school is canceled... I know crazy huh. If they hear a storm is coming there is no milk or eggs left at the store because everyone stalks up... no one goes outside if it is snowing. Honestly i dont blame them because it is freezing. But hey it makes missionary work fun because then everyone is home.

We went and visited a member the other day and as we were visiting we discovered he plays the bag pipes for the Nauvoo Pageant. I asked if i could play them and he got them out and yes he let me play them. I started to get light headed so he told me to stop. They take a lot of breath. But it was so fun. Then he played us a song on them. All i could do was laugh. No worries i got pictures and videos of it.

I also got to do a backflip by the "Welcome to Indiana" sign. It was on pday but we were running errands so i had to be in a skirt. No worries my skirt stayed down and no one saw anything... ;) I did land in a pile of mud and snow though. But being January what else would i have expected.

Well the work goes on. I know i am meant to be where i am at. It is hard work but it will be so worth it in the end. I know my Heavenly Father knows me. I know that there are angels walking with me and helping lift me back up when i get down. I know they are there I can feel them. I know that it is through the prayers of my family and friends that i am going to be able to make it through the next 18 months. I love you all and i hope each of you know you are in my prayers. Keep smiling :)
Love your Sister Davis :)

Moms Notes: 

She has asked for, your testimony written down and MAILED to her.

Kirsten shared with me a story about an investigator, I think it is great to hear her testimony.  "She has been investigating since August and she has lots and lots of family problems. She needs to read the Book of Mormon that is her biggest struggle we think because her house is so negative and hectic she cant feel the spirit testify to her when she reads. She has had a hard life and yesterday we laid down the law with her. She said that it would probably get easier when her son moved out and i said It is not going to get easier wanna know why because the adversary knows you are trying and you have got to stand up to him and show him who is boss."

Oh and remember the tissue paper flowers we used to make? Yeah well since we are poor missionaries and when we need to give someone flowers we make them out of Kleenex tissues :)

I received an email from Sister Jennifer Eliason, a member in Kirsten's branch, she titled this picture "Dinner with these beauties". I sent a quick email back to her and thanked her for caring for these sisters, and the following is what she had replied back to me "My pleasure! She was so polite and attentive at dinner and so insistent to help before and afterwards. She is a wonderful girl and we are so blessed to have her in our branch. She seems so genuinely happy and really at peace." Jennifer Eliason. 

Her words brought so much comfort to me!!!  This is the first picture of Kirsten that I have seen her really smile:)

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