Monday, January 13, 2014

Sister Davis First Letter Home in the Mission Field, Area: Bright Indiana, Companion: Sister Brittan Herndon California

Hey everyone!! I hope all is going well. Can I just say the mission field is amazing. It is so hard but i can feel the Spirit and my Heavenly Father working so hard with me. Which makes everything so worth it.

So i am serving in Indiana right now in a little area called Bright. It actually is a big area. My trainer and I are starting from scratch there because we got "doubled in" which i think means we start a new area... i am not for sure but we are for sure starting from scratch. So we have visited a lot of members and less actives.

So some stories for the week... as soon as i got to Ohio I saw four taxi's. For those of you who know my obsession with taxi's i was dying!! :) Also we were eating with the senior missionaries in our area and she put me in charge of steaming the broccoli. She told me to just make how every much i thought everyone would eat... well in my family we dont eat a lot of broccoli so i figured about two pieces for everyone. So that is what i made and when she went to check on the broccoli she opened the steamer and laughed and turned to me and said "You dont like broccoli do you sister Davis?" it was a little embarrassing but one of those moments when you just laugh.  Also this is for all you who know how clumsy i am. So in our branch we were asked to sing with the primary kids for stake conference. Well we practiced and then we went and visited and then when we were getting ready to start the meeting we were returning to the stand i went to step up the stairs and didnt lift my foot high enough and tripped up the stairs... again embarrassing but a moment to just laugh. Oh and also in my area there is a welcome to Indiana sign that is not on the freeway so today i think i am going to go do a flip by it.. one more state down. I think i have 36 more to go :)

Overall everything here is so good. It is hard and i am missing home but my mission president said the first three months are so hard. Its like the conditioning before the game and after that it is game time. So i know with the Lords help i can do this. I know this is where i am supposed to be. He has prepared many people for us to share this beautiful gospel with. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Know that every one of you are in my prayers. :)

Love Your Sister Davis :)
I guess I never taught her how dirty the snow is :)
Mom's Notes: Kirsten said her companion is "Perfect", she is a crier also and she allows 5 minutes per day to be sad and then move on, Kirst says that helps her.

Sister Herndon and Sister Davis

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